2018 Bond Program

As of 04/26/2019


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Flooding is Harris County's natural disaster. Flat topography, predominately clay soils and a tendency toward frequent heavy rain events makes flood damage reduction a top concern. The Harris County Flood Control District was created in 1937 to address that concern on a comprehensive, countywide basis, and has been building projects to reduce flooding risks and damages ever since.

Crisscrossed by natural and man-made bayous and drainage channels, Harris County includes 22 watersheds or drainage areas, each with its own unique drainage issues. The 2018 Bond Program includes projects in each of those watersheds that are candidates for bond funding.

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Countywide Facts

Area (sq miles) Population* Structure Count** Harvey Damaged Structures***
Inside the 1% (100-year) FEMA floodplain 433.8 537,348 184,546 48,939
Inside the 0.2% (500-year) FEMA floodplain 208.5 544,104 230,838 35,571
Outside the 0.2% (500-year) FEMA floodplain 1132.7 3,010,002 1,203,208 69,670
TOTAL 1775.0 4,091,454 1,618,592 154,180

*Census 2010, **HCAD 2016, ***HCFCD final estimates as of June 2018

Potential projects supported by bond funding include:

  • Channel modifications to improve stormwater conveyance
  • Regional stormwater detention basins
  • Major repairs to flood-damaged drainage infrastructure
  • Removing large amounts of sediment and silt from drainage channels
  • Voluntary buyouts of flood-prone properties
  • Wetland mitigation banks
  • Property acquisition for preserving the natural floodplains
  • Drainage improvements made in partnership with other cities, utility districts, or other local government agencies
  • Upgrading the Harris County Flood Warning System
  • Some of these projects will be funded with partnership agreements with the Federal Government. Bond funds would be used to provide the “local match” funding that is required for participation in these Federal partnerships.

Please Note: Bonds will be sold in increments over at least 10-15 years, as needed for the multiple phases of each project. The actual timing of individual projects will depend on a variety of factors including environmental permitting and right-of-way acquisition. Projects will be authorized individually for funding by Harris County Commissioners Court, based on recommendations by the Flood Control District.