2018 Bond Program

As of 08/31/2018

Cedar Bayou - Bond Program

* Public input will continue to be an important part of the Bond Program. The Bond Program Project List currently includes 38 projects that were added as a result of Community Engagement Meetings held across Harris County in June, July and August, 2018. A meeting was held for each of Harris County’s 22 watersheds and in the Halls Bayou watershed (a tributary to Greens Bayou).

> Cedar Bayou Watershed Community Engagement Summary

An informational meeting was held for the Cedar Bayou watershed:

July 19, 2018
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

May Community Center
2100 Wolf Road
Huffman, Texas 77336

> VIDEO: Opening Remarks

The map below shows the approximate location of proposed flood risk reduction projects in this watershed that could be eligible for bond funding.

> Enlarge Map (PDF)

> INTERACTIVE MAP: see potential projects in your area

Cedar Bayou Watershed Facts

Area (sq miles) Population* Structure Count** Harvey Damage Structures***
Inside the 1% (100-year) FEMA floodplain 25.6 3,559 3,044 508
Inside the 0.2% (500-year) FEMA floodplain 15.2 4,629 3,924 705
Outside the 0.2% (500-year) FEMA floodplain 37.6 28,646 17,442 987
TOTAL 78.4 36,833 24,410 2,200

*Census 2010, **HCAD 2016, ***HCFCD final estimates as of June 2018

Median Family Income* $65,000 Median House Value* $138,000

* 2016 Census Data

The actual timing of individual projects will depend on a variety of factors including environmental permitting and right-of-way acquisition. Projects will be authorized individually for funding by Harris County Commissioners Court, based on recommendations by the Flood Control District.