Bond Program Project List

Bond Program Project List

Bond Program Project List

On August 14, 2018, Harris County Commissioners Court approved a list of flood risk reduction projects that would meet the goal of the 2018 bond election, which is to both assist with recovery after previous flooding events (including Harvey) and to make our county more resilient for the future.

This list of 237 projects includes 38 projects that were added as a result of Community Engagement Meetings held across Harris County in June, July and August, 2018. A meeting was held for each of Harris County’s 22 watersheds and in the Halls Bayou watershed (a tributary to Greens Bayou). 

Now that voters have approved the bonds, project ideas will continue to be reviewed and the project list could be updated, as appropriate. 

High on the priority list for Bond Program projects are construction-ready projects with federal funding partners (such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency) that give our county “the most bang for its flood control buck.” 

The list also includes locally funded projects in economically disadvantaged communities that may not meet the federal grant requirements, but where there is a substantial need for flood damage reduction work and a potential to serve the greatest number of residents. Consideration is also given to areas that have a lower level of current protection as compared to other areas in the county. 

The Flood Control District list also includes potential flood risk reduction projects developed with input from the County Engineer, the Harris County Community Services Department, and other governmental agencies in Harris County.

Potential projects supported by bond funding include:

  • Channel modifications to improve stormwater conveyance
  • Regional stormwater detention basins 
  • Major repairs to flood-damaged drainage infrastructure
  • Removing large amounts of sediment and silt from drainage channels
  • Voluntary buyouts of flood-prone properties 
  • Wetland mitigation banks Property acquisition for preserving the natural floodplains
  • Drainage improvements made in partnership with other cities, utility districts, or other local government agencies
  • Upgrading the Harris County Flood Warning System
  • Some of these projects will be funded with partnership agreements with the Federal Government. Bond funds will be used to provide the “local match” funding that is required for participation in these federal partnerships.

On the Bond Program Project List, cost estimates are provided in these categories:

  • Local Only – Estimated cost of projects for which there is no funding partner. This is the total estimated project cost and would be paid only with bond funding.
  • Grant Total Cost – Estimated total cost for grant-funded partnership projects. This is the sum of the Partner Share provided by local, state or federal funding partners, and the required Local Match.
  • Partner Share – Estimated project costs to be provided by local, state or federal funding partners as part of a partnership project.
  • Local Match – Estimated project costs to be paid locally by the Flood Control District as part of a partnership project, using bond funding.

Please note: The Bond Program Project List represents projects that the Flood Control District intends to build with bond funding. However, the estimated total cost of projects on the list exceeds $2.5 billion, and there must be some flexibility in maintaining this list as projects are defined, designed and constructed. Over the next several years, projects on the list could be altered based upon community input or design constraints, be removed, or new projects added, depending on future unknown conditions including right-of-way availability, changing environmental regulations and funding that may come available from other partners. 

Under Texas law, bond funds in this election can only be used for the purpose approved by the voters, as well as the statutory limits defined in the Flood Control District’s enabling legislation. This legislation limits Flood Control District authority to addressing flooding, and does not include ancillary items such as recreational components. Bond funds will be limited to implementing capital projects that help reduce flood risks.