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As of 07/25/2019
All subdivision drainage improvement projects and their respective community engagement meetings are coordinated and managed by the Harris County Engineering Department.

E-03 Subdivision Drainage Project

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Neighborhood(s) under this Bond ID include but is/are not limited to:

Meadow Lake Tract A (4/25/19) | > Download Presentation | > Download Summary
Sterling Forest (meeting 6/24/19) | > Download Presentation | > Download Summary

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Subdivision drainage projects improve the internal drainage systems and related infrastructure that convey stormwater from neighborhoods to major drainage channels or bayous maintained by the Flood Control District. Internal drainage systems include underground storm sewer systems and roadside ditches, and are typically the responsibility of the underlying municipality, utility district and/or Harris County in unincorporated areas.

> Questions or Comments about these projects?

Harris County Engineering Department will be developing drainage improvement recommendations, conducting community outreach meetings, and preparing preliminary engineering reports to support the advancement of these projects toward final design and construction. A total of 104 subdivision projects have been identified as part of the bond program. Additional projects will be listed here as they are authorized by Harris County Commissioners Court.

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