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As of 10/15/2019

Professional Services Invoice Submittal

Where to Submit

> Invoices should be submitted online

When Invoices Should Be Submitted

Invoices, as outlined in our Agreements, should be submitted at intervals or not fewer than (30) days.  Except for final payments, invoices under $500.00 cannot be paid. 

What Information Should Be Included

*Invoice should be submitted as a PDF on consultant letterhead that meets the Harris County Auditor’s invoice requirements with the proper contact information, including a signature from an authorized representative. Stated below are additional items required by HCFCD:

  • Project ID/Description
  • Purchase Order Number
  • HCFCD Agreement Number
  • Description of Work Performed
  • Total Amount Invoiced (total amount and itemized by work authorization)
  • Reimbursable Expenses (as authorized)
  • Subconsultant Invoices (if applicable)
  • Table outlining previous billings and current balance (used to compare to HCFCD internal reports)
  • All Project Performance Certification fields must be populated before submitting invoice for payment.

Invoice Approval Workflow

  • Professional Services invoices are submitted and approved electronically at HCFCD in the following manner. E-mail verification will be sent confirming receipt of the invoice.

Note: Due to the nature of our workflow software, external consultants may not track their invoice in the system at this time, but may contact the Contract Manager with any questions.

  • Consultant submits completed invoice and form using the link above. This is directed to the HCFCD Accounts Payable Coordinator (Finance Department) to perform a preliminary review of the invoice to ensure all necessary information has been submitted. 
  • Invoice is routed for review and approval of amount and work performed through the following individuals
    • Contract Manager

Note: If any issues are found with the invoice, the Contract Manager will communicate directly with the Consultant.

  • Construction Division (if Construction Phase Services are included)
    • Department Manager
    • Director of Operations
  • Once approved, the invoice returns to the HCFCD Accounts Payable Coordinator for entry into HCFCD/Harris County financial applications and is submitted to the Harris County Auditor’s Office for final processing and placement on the next available Commissioners Court Agenda for payment.
  • Payment is generally made the Thursday immediately following Commissioners Court.