2018 Bond Program

As of 08/28/2019

Prioritization Framework

The Bond Order language calling the August 25, 2018, Harris County Flood Control District Bond Election includes a provision that requires Harris County Commissioners Court to develop a process for the “equitable expenditure of funds.” This Bond Order was voted on and unanimously approved by Commissioners Court on June 12, 2018.

In response to this order, the Flood Control District has developed written guidelines adopted by Commissioners Court on August 27, 2019 to assist with the prioritization of the 2018 bond projects that have not started. There are several key facts to keep in mind:

  • This effort will not remove or replace any project already listed on the Bond Project List
  • This effort will not result in the moving of money from one project on the list to another
  • This effort will not impact any bond projects already started
  • The process will focus on documenting the logic to be employed for the prioritization of projects on the bond list that have not yet been started

> Prioritizing Framework for Implementation of 2018 Bond Projects
> List of 2018 Bond Projects Currently Underway as of 3/7/19
> Bond Order language

Questions and Answers

Q:  What is a prioritization framework?
A set of criteria used by HCFCD to create an objective process for the prioritization of its flood risk reduction projects across the County. The Weighted Criteria used to evaluate projects include:

  • Flood Risk Reduction Benefit
  • Existing Conditions Drainage Level of Service
  • Social Vulnerability Index
  • Project Efficiency
  • Partnership Funding
  • Long Term Maintenance Costs
  • Minimize Environmental Impacts
  • Potential for Multiple Benefits

Q:  How will HCFCD implement this prioritization framework?
A: This prioritization framework will be incorporated on the remaining bond projects that have not yet been authorized to start by Harris County Commissioners Court using a weighted criteria system that will group projects into priority quartiles.  For specific information on how projects will be prioritized in to quartile groups. Review Prioritizing Framework for Implementation of 2018 Bond Projects 

Q:  When will this prioritization framework take effect?
A:  With the approval of the prioritization framework by the Harris County Commissioners Court on August 27, 2019, this framework is now in effect.

Q:  Where are the projects located that will be affected by this prioritization framework?
A:  The prioritization framework will only apply to projects within Harris County and may not apply to partnerships programs beyond HCFCD’s jurisdiction such as federal/state home buyout projects, subdivision drainage improvement projects, or countywide projects.

Q:  Why is HCFCD implementing a prioritization framework now?
A: With the increased number of projects and funding managed by HCFCD as a result of the 2018 Flood Bond, a prioritization framework was needed now more than any other time in the organization’s history to organize and standardize the process of sequencing projects, resources, and time.

Q:  Who else uses a similar prioritization framework?
A: Similar prioritization frameworks are used by federal, state and local governments to efficiently and effectively manage large portfolios of projects – especially where time and resources are limited each fiscal year.  The Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) criteria has been used by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Texas General Land Office (GLO) to determine the social vulnerability of specific census block groups and to prioritize those areas for support services.

Q: Is Harris County going to cancel my projects?
A: No. Every project on the 2018 HCFCD Bond Program list will be completed.