Completed Bond ID Summaries

Completed Bond ID Summaries

Completed Bond IDs

Residents often ask: “How many projects from the 2018 HCFCD Bond Program are now complete?”

This page contains brief summaries of all completed Bond IDs listed in the 2018 HCFCD Bond Program. But the answer is more complicated than a single number. That is because one Bond ID listed in the 2018 Bond Program is not the same as another. All Bond IDs provide funding for flood risk reduction and related goals, but some are larger and more complex, while others are more narrowly focused. For example, a single Bond ID may provide funding for:

  • All stages and phases of a particular flood risk reduction project – from right-of-way acquisition to multiple construction phases;
  • Only one stage or phase of a project;
  • Multiple projects in a watershed, or multiple similar projects throughout Harris County;
  • Local share of a large federal project that may take more than a decade to complete.

It is clear when a Bond ID involving one single flood risk reduction project is “complete.” But a Bond ID that includes 10 different projects cannot be called “complete” until all those individual projects are finished and all funding under that Bond ID has been expended.

For the Bond IDs/projects below, all bond funding has been expended, and work is complete. Summaries are organized by watershed. For information on other Bond IDs, including those that fund multiple projects, please see the webpage for that Bond ID.


Addicks Reservoir Watershed

Armand Bayou Watershed

Brays Bayou Watershed

Buffalo Bayou Watershed

Carpenters Bayou Watershed

Clear Creek Watershed

Cypress Creek Watershed

Galveston Bay Watershed

Goose Creek Watershed

Greens Bayou Watershed

Hunting Bayou Watershed

Jackson Bayou Watershed

Little Cypress Creek Watershed

San Jacinto River Watershed

Spring Creek Watershed

Spring Gully Watershed

Vince Bayou Watershed

Willow Creek Watershed