Model and Map Management (M3) System

Model and Map Management (M3) System

M3 System

The Harris County Flood Control District’s Model and Map Management (M3) System is an interactive tool designed to communicate and share changes to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) effective floodplain models for Harris County. The goal of the M3 System is to distribute FEMA effective models to the general public, track ongoing changes to the models resulting from development projects, and facilitate communication between FEMA, Harris County Flood Control District, Local Floodplain Administrators, and the community.

The M3 system has transitioned to a new platform. Users are no longer required to login and to start projects and download models. These projects will be added to the M3 map upon receipt by HCFCD. To download models, click on the watershed of interest to receive a link. If you are currently working on a study, development, or other project and would like to receive email notifications when new models are uploaded, a link has been provided on this page to signup for these notifications.

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All FEMA effective models for Harris County are available through the M3 system. Links to download these models can be obtained by clicking on the watershed in the interactive map.

The M3 System tracks all FEMA CLOMR and LOMR submittals. These submittals must comply with the HCFCD Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling and Management Standards. Refer to the read-me file in each model directory for the official software version however most models are HEC-HMS 3.3.0 and HEC-RAS 3.0.1. The use of different software versions other than the official version of any particular model must be pre-approved by the Harris County Flood Control District. For general guidance regarding hydrologic and hydraulic methodologies utilized in Harris County please download the HCFCD Hydrology and Hydraulics Guidance Manual.

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Guidance Documents

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