Home Buyout Program

Home Buyout Program

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General Information About the Home Buyout Program:

Information About Home Buyout Process for Eligible/Qualified Properties:

Home buyouts are used by the Flood Control District to reduce flood damages in areas several feet deep in the floodplain where structural projects (i.e. channel modifications or stormwater detention basins) to reduce flooding are not cost-effective and/or beneficial.

These are homes that were simply built in the wrong place, prior to the knowledge we have today of the boundaries of our floodplains and prior to building regulations imposed by the city and county on land development.

The Flood Control District’s Home Buyout Program does not provide immediate flood recovery assistance – its primary function is to help prevent future flood damages.


Please see links for additional information about the home buyout program. For additional questions about eligibility criteria, grant application status, the buyout process and relocation assistance, call the Flood Control District’s Home Buyout Hotline at 346-286-4020.

HCFCD Voluntary Buyout Guidance

Identification and Prioritization

Maintenance of Buyout Lots

Guidelines for Maintenance of Buyout Lots

Cypress Creek Watershed, Voluntary Home Buyout Before and After.