Abandoned Bridge Program

Abandoned Bridge Program

Abandoned Bridge Program

The Harris County Flood Control District has over 2,500 miles of channel within the limits of the Harris County. The purpose of the Abandoned Bridge Program was to identify footbridges within Flood Control District rights-of-way and evaluate the condition of each bridge. The Flood Control District identified approximately 700 footbridges or old farm bridges that cross Flood Control District rights-of-way. Each of the bridges was evaluated to determine the ownership and condition of the bridge, as well as the desire of a second party to either resume or assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the bridge through an interlocal agreement. After the evaluation, the bridge was either removed, repaired or replaced, depending upon the ownership, use and condition of the bridge.

If ownership could not be determined, and the bridge was unsafe and not in use, the Flood Control District demolished the bridge. If ownership was determined, the Flood Control District communicated with the owner concerning the condition of the bridge, as well as the need to maintain or demolish the bridge.

The Flood Control District demolished approximately 70 foot bridges that were either in an unsafe condition or blocking to the channel. The Flood Control District found owners for the remaining bridges.

Image gallery - Before, During and after demolition

Bridge Over Jackson Bayou R100-00-00 

Bridge over Cypress Creek bypass channel K211-00-00

Bridge over Hunting Bayou Tributary H108-01-00