Development Coordination and Inspection

Development Coordination and Inspection

Developement Coordination and Inspection

Development Coordination and Inspection monitors and inspects developer construction activity in District rights of way to ensure that it meets Flood Control criteria and specifications. District criteria must be adhered to on any project that enters District right of way.

U106-00-00 - Trail System Development – Phase 1 at Sunny Ridge (2015)

Development Coordination and Inspection also monitors construction of new drainage facilities constructed by others that are intended for acceptance by the District into its storm water management system.

Developers are required to follow three simple steps when requesting to use Flood Control property:

  1. Submit plans to the HCFCD Watershed Management Department and secure the appropriate approvals.

  2. Acquire an official permit from the Harris County Permits Department to enter onto Flood Control rights of way.

  3. Complete and return the 48 Hour Pre-Construction Notification Form

K142-00-00 - Spring Cypress Road - installation of storm sewer outfall (2013)

There are three stages in the review, approval and acceptance process for new Flood Control facilities. The three stages are:

  • Stage One – Review and Approval of Construction Drawings by the Watershed Management Department and Development Coordination and Inspection.
  • Stage Two – Construction phase monitored, inspected and approval by Development Coordination and Inspection as meeting District criteria.
  • Stage Three – Acceptance by Commissioners Court on behalf of the District.

D112-00-00 – 11002 Waxwing Street – outfall repair and slope paving (2015)

Developers must resolve all right of way issues prior to Stage Three of the process to avoid any acceptance delays. The District must have certain property rights to accept infrastructure into its maintenance program. Developers should contact the Property Management Department during the planning phase for specific information and to secure permission to use Flood Control property.

Development Coordination and Inspection Information Sheet

48 Hour Pre-Con Notification

Certification of Construction Completion Guide