CI-001 Major Maintenance on Clear Creek Channel

CI-001 Major Maintenance on Clear Creek Channel

Recent Actions

2019 - This project is now complete. 

October 23, 2018 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized and initiated this project

Project Description

In 2019, as part of Bond Project CI-001, the Harris County Flood Control District conducted a selective clearing project along the Harris County side (north bank) of Clear Creek, from Dixie Farm Road to potentially as far as Interstate Highway 45. 

Selective clearing as practiced by the Flood Control District involves identifying and removing downed trees or trees at imminent risk of failure. The primary focus of this operation was to ensure that natural channels function at peak capacity to convey stormwater. A secondary focus was to leave as much of the native understory as possible, while providing maintenance access and clearing non-native species. This work is in addition to the Flood Control District’s cyclical mowing and maintenance program. 

The work in the channel and on channel slopes was performed by hand, using chainsaws, machetes, and ropes. Contractors traveled the channel mostly on foot. Access to the work areas was via public easements or where the Flood Control District had established a right of entry with private landowners. 

Selective clearing encourages the growth of healthy native tree and vegetation species that help minimize bank erosion and provide environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat. Selective clearing also supports regular channel maintenance. 

The work lasted approximately three weeks. Work was performed by Flood Control District contractor UFL. Total cost for this work was approximately $153,000.

Project Stage

This project is now complete.

Bond Listing

The Clear Creek Selective Clearing was funded under Bond Project CI-001, which is categorized as a “Local Only” bond project. This means there was no other funding partner and total project costs were paid with bond funding. The Bond Project List includes a total allocation of $25 million for all projects, stages and phases of this Bond Project.


Crews thinning understory and reducing vine competition in mature canopy.

Selective clearing complete. Mature, stable trees, and smaller trees left in place. Ragweed cleared along slopes and top of bank for maintenance access.

Results of selective clearing on the Harris County side of Clear Creek to the right, with mature trees and desirable vegetation remaining. Vegetation to the toe line of the channel helps prevent erosion.


A Community Engagement meeting for this project was held on April 15, 2019.