Draft Project Plans

Memorial Park Demonstration Project


The 80% design plans that were submitted to the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to obtain an Individual Permit (IP) contain the project's final design. The plans are marked "80% draft" because they are not ready to be bid for construction; this language merely refers to a contract milestone for the Harris County Flood Control District’s (HCFCD) engineering consultant. The overall design, stated impacts to waters of the U.S., and the proposed vegetated areas included in the plans will not change. While the permit application is under USACE review, HCFCD has been working with the engineering consultant to finalize the construction notes and specs found on the design plans.


The 90% design plans contain clarifications and updates to finalize the 80% design plans, but the overall design, impacts to waters of the U.S. and the proposed vegetated areas have not changed. Clarifications and refinements include the following items:

Clarifications and Updates included in the 90% Plans

  • Addition of a sheet flow inlet structure along the west side of the Hogg-Bird Sanctuary Tributary. This series of inlets were added to the project plans to address the severe erosion caused by sheet flow on the upper banks of the Hogg Bird Sanctuary Tributary. The inlet structures will help alleviate the sheet flow runoff entering the site from the dead end of Crestwood and the adjacent private properties located along the Hogg Bird Sanctuary Tributary. Adjacent private property owners will have the opportunity to tie their roof gutter systems into the inlet structures. The adjacent private property owners have been proactive in reaching out to the District in an effort to cooperate in whatever way they can to stop the severe erosion and resulting loss of property along the western bank of Hogg Bird Tributary. 
  • Revisions to the plan sheets depicting the proposed grading of the Middle Meander located at approximately station 41+00 in the project plans. No revisions were made to the grading of this area itself; the plan sheets were merely revised to provide a greater level of detail to the grading for construction purposes. 
  • Revisions to the proposed construction access route alignment through Memorial Park. The original construction access route alignment was designed to run from Memorial Drive through the existing City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) maintenance facility and then down to Buffalo Bayou's streambed. The new construction access route alignment is designed to run from Memorial Drive, along the existing HPARD utility corridor to the backside of the HPARD maintenance facility, and then down the same path as previously determined to the bayou's streambed. The revision to the access route was made at the request of HPARD. This revised access route will serve as the District’s access point for post-construction monitoring and long-term vegetation management. 
  • Notation of additional private properties located adjacent to and/or near the proposed project reach. Some of the private property owners located near the proposed project reach voiced concerns about noting ownership of their properties on the project plans. Even though some of these properties do not physically adjoin the project reach, the private property owners’ names were included per this request. 
  • Minor revisions to the details outlining the installation of toe wood proposed for the project reach. These revisions were made for clarity and for constructability purposes. 
  • Minor revisions to the entire project plan set, including the correction of misspelled words, drafting errors, and other miscellaneous items.