2018 Bond Program

2018 Bond Program


2018 Bond Program Publications

2018 Bond Program

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Harris County, voters placed their trust in the Flood Control District by collaborating on and approving a $2.5 billion bond measure to to finance flood damage reduction projects. Using an objective process for prioritizing the bond projects, the Harris County Flood Control District has been working steadily to plan, design, and build these projects using bond funds while providing transparent project tracking of progress along the way.

With the majority of the projects now underway, the 2018 Bond Program includes funding for more than $1.2 billion in channel conveyance improvements, $400 million for building stormwater detention basins, $242 million for floodplain land acquisition, $12.5 million for new floodplain mapping, and $1.25 million for improving our flood warning system.

Whenever possible, the Flood Control District will leverage the bond funding to participate in partnership programs that could bring in billions in additional partnership funding. The total estimated value of all projects included in the Bond Program is nearly $5 billion.

Teams from the Flood Control District have also worked hand-in-hand with Commissioners Court, the Office of Management and Budget, and other county departments to establish the Flood Resilience Trust, which backstops partner funding needs in the 2018 Bond Program and provides certainty that no project will be delayed due to lack of partner funding. As additional partner funding is secured, funds included in the Flood Resilience Trust can and will be used for future flood resilience projects.

It’s critical to note that the establishment of the Flood Resilience Trust does NOT eliminate the need for partnership funding. The Flood Control District continues to aggressively and urgently pursuing additional funding opportunities at the federal, state and local levels.


The Harris County Flood Control District has many ongoing projects throughout Harris County. Partnerships with federal and state agencies, local communities, and private interests play a vital role in many of those projects. While the bond was for $2.5 billion, the full cost of every project in the bond program as passed by Harris County voters is nearly $5 billion. From the outset, there was an anticipated need for funding partners to fully construct the projects on the list. Read more on Harris County Flood Control District partnerships.

Progress on the 2018 Bond Program Continues…

2018 Bond Program Monthly Updates for Harris County Commissioners Court

In August 2021, the Harris County Flood Control District announced that all 181 projects included in the 2018 Bond Program had been initiated. At that time, the Flood Control District also began presenting a monthly progress update to Harris County Commissioners Court. Download the latest progress update below, or click here to read summaries of completed Bond IDs.


In the months before the bond election, the Flood Control District hosted 23 Community Engagement Meetings for each of Harris County’s watersheds, to gather public input about potential projects. The meetings were attended by approximately 3,800 residents, as well as public officials and other interested parties, and resulted in 38 additions to the list of flood damage reduction projects – 181 projects in all – that could be funded with bond proceeds, as well as hundreds of other useful comments and requests for service.

We know that community engagement is a critical component of building toward a more resilient Harris County. Now that the bonds have passed, opportunities for further community engagement will be available for each project. Early in project development – during the preliminary engineering stage – the Flood Control District hosts Community Engagement Meetings to gather input from the community and share updates on approach. This input is gathered and considered before formal Preliminary Engineering Reports are presented to Commissioners Court for approval. The Flood Control District team also shares up-to-date information through our website, speaking opportunities with local groups, workshops on key initiatives, and other engagement opportunities.

Community Engagement Meetings

See all community engagement meetings

Prioritization Framework

The Bond Order language calling the August 25, 2018, Harris County Flood Control District Bond Election includes a provision that requires Harris County Commissioners Court to develop a process for the “equitable expenditure of funds.”

Project Lifecycle

Every flood damage reduction project begins and ends, with common and predictable milestones along the way. Understanding those stages, provides insight into the status of each project.

2018 Bond Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers related to the 2018 Bond Program along with additional questions and answers regarding the latest updates to the list of bond funded projects.

2018 Bond Program Publications

January 2023

Biannual Report (PDF)

May 2020 Update

2018 Bond Projects List (PDF)

2018 Bond Program

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2018 Executive Summary


2018 Individual Watershed Summary


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