2018 Bond Program

As of 12/06/2018

Subdivision Drainage Projects (Bond Program) - Harris County Engineering

Subdivision drainage projects improve the internal drainage systems and related infrastructure that convey stormwater from neighborhoods to major drainageĀ channels or bayous maintained by theĀ Flood Control District. Internal drainage systems include underground storm sewer systems and roadside ditches, and are typically the responsibility of the underlying municipality, utility district and/or Harris County in unincorporated areas.

Harris County Engineering Department will be developing drainage improvement recommendations, conducting community outreach meetings, and preparing preliminary engineering reports to support the advancement of these projects toward final design and construction. A total of 104 subdivision projects have been identified as part of the bond program. Additional projects will be listed here as they are authorized by Harris County Commissioners Court.

Watershed Project ID Subdivision
Addicks Reservoir U100-00-00-HC007 Roland Road & related infrastructure
Addicks Reservoir U100-00-00-HC012 Bear Creek Village Subdivision/HCUD 6
Addicks Reservoir U100-00-00-HC016 Hearthstone Section 1/Avila Court Estates
Barker Reservoir T100-00-00-HC003 Memorial Parkway
Carpenters Bayou N100-00-00-HC002 Sterling Forest Subdivision
Cedar Bayou Q100-00-00-HC001 Apache Land Subdivision
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC003 Cypress Creek Estates
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC005 Ravensway
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC010 Dowdell Woods (unrecorded subdivision) William Dowdell Road
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC011 Forest Shadows
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC012 Foxwood
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC015 Memorial Hills UD
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC016 Norchester
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC017 North Park Forest/North Park PUD
Cypress Creek K100-00-00-HC020 Sandpiper/Sandpiper Village
Halls Bayou P118-00-00-HC001 Airline Estates and Blue Bell Subdivisions
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC002 Evergreen Villas
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC003 Fountainview Section 1 and 2
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC004 Hidden Meadow
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC005 Houmont Park
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC011 Parkway Forest
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC012 Pine Trails
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC015 Sierra Ranch and Stonefield Subdivisions
Greens Bayou P100-00-00-HC016 Tidwell Lakes
Jackson Bayou R100-00-00-HC001 Crosby Township/Crosby MUD
Little Cypress Creek L100-00-00-HC002 Northlake Forest
San Jacinto River G100-00-00-HC002 Barrett Station
San Jacinto & Galveston Bay F100-00-00-HC001 Baybrook Subdivision
San Jacinto & Galveston Bay F100-00-00-HC003 Seascape Subdivisions
San Jacinto & Galveston Bay F100-00-00-HC004 Todville Road Bridge & related infrastructure
Sims Bayou C100-00-00-HC001 Skeetville Subdivision
Spring Creek J100-00-00-HC001 McKenzie Park
Spring Gully & Goose Creek O100-00-00-HC001 Creel Country Estates Subdivision
Spring Gully & Goose Creek O100-00-00-HC003 Meadow Lake Subdivision
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC001 Barwood Subdivision Detention Pond
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC002 Cypress Crossing Mobile Home Park
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC004 Ravensway South
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC005 Tower Oaks Meadows Detention Ponds
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC006 Tower Oaks Plaza
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC007 Westgate (unrecorded subdivision)
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC009 Wortham
White Oak Bayou E100-00-00-HC010 Bernadine Estates (unrecorded subdivision)