Hall Park Stormwater Detention Basin P518-03-00

Hall Park Stormwater Detention Basin P518-03-00

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The Hall Park Stormwater Detention Basin reduces flooding risks and damages along Halls Bayou in the Greens Bayou watershed of northeast Harris County by safely storing excess stormwater during heavy rain events and slowly releasing it back to the bayou when the threat of flooding has passed. 

Formally identified as HCFCD Unit P518-03-00, the Hall Park basin holds approximately 231 million gallons, or 734 acre-feet, of excess stormwater. It is located on Halls Bayou, which is formally identified as HCFCD Unit P118-00-00, east of U.S. 59 and south of Langley Road. The 97.4-acre property includes the former Hall Park subdivision. 

On August 9, 2016, Harris County Commissioners Court awarded an approximately $10.17 million construction contract to low bidder Serco Construction Group LTD. Work began in November 2016 and was completed in late 2018. 

The project involved relocating a City of Houston sanitary sewer line and removing approximately 1.2 million cubic yards of soil, along with debris, trash and abandoned tires. Vegetation and trees also were removed, but the contractor worked to maintain a forested buffer where possible. Flood Control District foresters carefully considered opportunities to save or relocate trees in our right-of-way. 

As part of its Bayou Greenways 2020 project, the nonprofit Houston Parks Board is designing the Halls Bayou Greenway – which includes a hike and bike trail, landscaping and neighborhood connections – along the southern edge of the detention basin. The full Halls Bayou Greenway will provide 9 miles of publicly accessible open space from Brock Park to Keith Wiess Park.