F-14 Taylor Gully

F-14 Taylor Gully

Recent Actions

June 29, 2021- Harris County Commissioners Court authorized $656,394 for preliminary engineering services in support of this project.

February 9, 2021- Harris County Commissioners authorized the negotiation of an agreement for engineering services in support of this project.

Project Description

The Taylor Gully channel flows west to east, bordering Montgomery County in the northwest and running eastward toward Mills Branch and Caney Creek in Harris County. The area is mostly developed and is primarily comprised of single-family residences within the Elm Grove, Mills Branch, North Kingwood Forest and Woodstream Village subdivisions. The Taylor Gully channel consists of 2.5 miles of open channel within Harris County and a 1.3-mile extension within Montgomery County. The limits of the preliminary engineering stage of this project stretch from the Montgomery County line on the west to approximately 700 feet upstream of the confluence with White Oak Creek, for a total length of approximately 12,630 linear feet.

The proposed project alternative would feature a partially concrete lined channel from the existing drop structure to downstream of Creek Manor Drive, the replacement of the existing culverts on Rustling Elms Drive and a stormwater detention basin. This proposed project alternative was also the recommended alternative from the Kingwood Drainage Analysis. The project is expected to remove the 100-year area of inundation from approximately 116 acres, 276 structures and 8 miles of roadways.