C-08 Salt Water Ditch

C-08 Salt Water Ditch

Recent Actions

March 30, 2021 – Harris County Commissioners Court approved a study report regarding improvements to Salt Water Ditch.

January 28, 2020 - Harris County Commissioners Court approved a $1,278,197 agreement with an engineering firm to conduct a drainage study in support of this project

September 10, 2019 - Harris County Commissioners Court authorized and initiated this project

Project description

Before construction can begin, a drainage study will be conducted from Calhoun Road to Sims Bayou. This phase is expected to culminate during the summer of 2020.

This project is a partnership between the Harris County Flood Control District, Harris County Engineering Department, Harris County Precinct 1 and the City of Houston.

To reduce the risk to future flood damage, the recommended Salt Water Ditch improvements include the construction of an underground, enclosed storm sewer. A recreational trail will be constructed above the storm sewer for the community to enjoy and will feature various connections to different parts of the neighborhood.

Community engagement meeting

A community engagement meeting was held virtually on Zoom on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

This project involves right-of-way acquisition, design, and construction of conveyance improvements on Salt Water Ditch and related stormwater detention. This is a partnership between the Flood Control District, Harris County Engineering Department and the City of Houston. Harris County Engineering will manage the project. This project could reduce the risk of flooding for over 1,900 structures near C118-00-00 in the 1 percent (100-year) floodplain, and will be coordinated with City of Houston drainage plans.

The Harris County Flood Control District has a significant number of flood damage reduction projects occurring all over Harris County as part of its on-going Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Operations and Maintenance, and the 2018 Bond Program. Click the Project ID on the Map to learn about projects’ details. Some early-stage projects are not highlighted on the map. The map will be updated when projects advance or when more information becomes available.