Interactive Mapping Tools

Interactive Mapping Tools

The Harris County Flood Control District utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) extensively in many aspects of the District's mission. With the advancements in technology and the combined knowledge of District staff, we can present the data you need to be better informed by harnessing GIS's powerful ability to graphically illustrate and organize that data. One way we're doing it is via Interactive Mapping Tools.

GIS keeps the public in the know, helps our employees do their jobs and, most importantly, helps the District fulfill its mission for you.

Flood Warning System
Flood Warning System (

Monitor rainfall amounts and water levels in bayous and major streams on a real-time basis

Flood Education Mapping Tool (FEMT)
Flood Education Mapping Tool (FEMT)

Mapped floodplains in Harris County relative to residences, businesses and other structures

Active Construction Projects
Active Construction Projects

Active capital and maintenance projects

Mowing Schedule
Flood Control District Mowing Schedule

Mowing cycles are set based on current weather patterns and vary somewhat from year to year

Regional BMP Database
Stormwater Quality Regional BMP Database (BMPBase)

Water quality enhancement is achieved through implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Model & Map Management System (M3)
Model and Map Management (M3) System

An interactive tool designed to communicate and share changes to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) effective floodplain models for Harris County

Floodplain Reference Marks
Harris County Floodplain Reference Marks

Reference marks play an important role in the permitting of development and administration of the National Flood Insurance Program in Harris County