June 1 - Nov 30

Bond Program

2018 HCFCD Bond Program

Information & Community Engagement

Harris County Commissioners Court has called a bond election for August 25, 2018, for the Harris County Flood Control District. Registered voters in Harris County will be asked to vote on what could be $2.5 billion in bonds for flood risk reduction projects throughout the county.

* Public input will continue to be an important part of the Bond Program. However, additions to the potential project list that will be presented to Harris County Commissioners Court on August 14, 2018, have been temporarily suspended so that comments from all the meetings could be documented, suggestions considered, and projects added to the list prior to the start of early voting on August 8.

The proposed project list currently includes 38 projects that were added as a result of Community Engagement Meetings held across Harris County in June, July and August, 2018. A meeting was held for each of Harris County’s 22 watersheds and in the Halls Bayou watershed (a tributary to Greens Bayou).

> 2018 Bond Project List as of August 6, 2018, 11:30AM (PDF)

View our interactive map to see the approximate location of 237 potential projects that are candidates for bond funding, and to learn more about proposed projects in your area of interest. These potential projects have been identified by the Flood Control District and provide flood risk reduction benefits in the watersheds in which the projects are located.

Potential projects indicated on the interactive map represent projects that would meet the goal of the bond election to both assist with recovery after previous flooding events and to make our county more resilient for the future.

On the interactive map, you can type in your address of interest (home or business) to find your watershed and learn about proposed projects for that area.

> INTERACTIVE MAP: Find your watershed, see potential projects in your area

> I already know my watershed

> VIDEO: What is a watershed? 

Potential projects supported by bond funding include:

  • Channel modifications to improve stormwater conveyance
  • Regional stormwater detention basins
  • Major repairs to flood-damaged drainage infrastructure
  • Removing large amounts of sediment and silt from drainage channels
  • Voluntary buyouts of flood-prone properties
  • Wetland mitigation banks
  • Property acquisition for preserving the natural floodplains
  • Drainage improvements made in partnership with other cities, utility districts, or other local government agencies
  • Upgrading the Harris County Flood Warning System

Some of these potential projects would be funded with partnership agreements with the federal government. Bond funds would be used to provide the “local match” funding that is required for participation in these federal partnerships.

Please Note: If voters approve the bonds, the bonds would be sold in increments over at least 10-15 years, as needed for the multiple phases of each project. The actual timing of individual projects will depend on a variety of factors including environmental permitting and right-of-way acquisition. Projects will be authorized individually for funding by Commissioners Court, based on recommendations by the Flood Control District.