Hurricane Harvey

As of 06/04/2019


Conveyance Restoration on Ben’s Branch


Project Description

This project will restore the Ben’s Branch drainage system’s conveyance capacity through  the project reach to its latest design capacity. Major work emphasis for this project will be earthwork including the removal and disposal of approximately 77,000 cubic yards of sediment accumulations, the repair of eroded channel banks and channel bottom scouring, and the preservation of the majority of the desirable native vegetation that has voluntarily established itself along the upper banks of the channel through the project reach. 


From Kingwood Drive downstream to 1,800 Linear Feet downstream of West Lake Houston Parkway

>See a larger version of the Project Area Map

Project Stage

  • This project is in the FINAL DESIGN stage. This stage will result in the completion of construction documents needed to bid out the project, and conduct the proposed project repairs.
  • The Final Design Deliverable for this project is scheduled to be complete on or around March 2019.
  • Once the FINAL DESIGN stage is complete, the project will enter the CONSTRUCTION stage.