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As of 04/16/2019

Drainage Network Repairs & Debris Removal

In response to the historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey, the Harris County Flood Control District has embarked on a county-wide assessment of all of our bayous, creeks, channels and stormwater detention basins. The purpose of this assessment is to identify damages caused by the flooding and to prioritize them for immediate and future repairs.


> LAUNCH INTERACTIVE MAP: View the Identified Areas of Concern

> LAUNCH INTERACTIVE MAP: View the Identified Areas of Concern

Click icons within the interactive map to view details and photos of the identified areas of concern. Don't see an area of concern on this map? Report the issue now.

Given the immense scope of this effort, in-house Flood Control District engineers and maintenance crews are being assisted by consulting engineers and contractors as we prioritize, design and construct emergency repairs.

The Flood Control District is preparing requests for millions of dollars in additional storm-related funding from federal partners such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.