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As of 06/13/2019

Z-09 Harris County Flood Warning System

The Harris County Flood Control District’s Flood Warning System (FWS) measures rainfall amounts and monitors water levels in bayous and major streams on a real-time* basis to inform you of dangerous weather conditions. The system relies on a network of gage stations strategically placed throughout Harris County bayous and their tributaries.

> Flood Warning System Brochure (PDF)

The stations contain sensors that transmit valuable data during times of heavy rainfall and during tropical storms and hurricanes. Some gages also measure wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, road temperature and humidity.


> Monitor rainfall and stream levels (NEW! Near Real-time inundation mapping)

The purpose of the Flood Warning System website is to provide information collected by the gages in a user-friendly format directly to you. This information is used by the Flood Control District and by Harris County’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to inform you of imminent and current flooding conditions along bayous. It also is used by the National Weather Service to assist in the issuing of flood watches and warnings. Accurate rainfall and bayou/stream level data help you and emergency management officials make critical decisions that ultimately can reduce the risk of property damage, injuries and loss of life. The Flood Control District urges you and your family to use this information and take the appropriate precautions during times of heavy rain and flooding. You are encouraged to monitor bayou/stream levels near your homes, places of work and areas along your daily commutes.

The Harris County Flood Warning System also provides information on historical rainfall and flooding events, Harris County watersheds and frequently asked questions.

*The data presented on this mapping tool and website may be delayed by approximately five minutes