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As of 02/28/2017

Mason Creek Stormwater Detention Basin

In late 2015, the Harris County Flood Control District has completed final construction of the Mason Creek Stormwater Detention Basin on Mason Creek, a tributary of Upper Buffalo Bayou in the Barker Reservoir watershed of west Harris County. The basin site is located east of Porter Road between Franz and Morton Ranch roads.

The enlarged basin, which is adjacent to Harris County Precinct 3’s Mason Creek Park, can now hold more than 182 million gallons, or 560 acre-feet, of excess stormwater during periods of heavy rain. It is also the first such basin in Harris County to provide permitted stormwater quality treatment on a regional scale.

Under construction in phases since 2002, the basin is designed to treat stormwater runoff from more than  1,000 surrounding acres in the fast-developing Katy area. As stormwater moves through permanent pools of varying depths within the basin, impurities settle out of the water, while wetland vegetation also filters sediment and provides biological treatment before stormwater re-enters the creek. The Flood Control District has installed four permanent monitoring stations on site to document the effectiveness of the stormwater quality features.

In addition, forested wetlands will be planted just above the normal water level. These forested wetlands will include a mixture of bald cypress, water tupelo, and other water-loving trees and shrubs to provide habitat and water quality treatment during higher stormwater flow events.

The final phase of construction began in November 2014, after Harris County Commissioners Court awarded an approximately $1.98 million construction contract to low bidder Lecon Inc. Work included the removal of approximately 256,000 cubic yards of soil, final grading of the basin site, and installation of backslope interceptor swales and outfall pipes.

Formally identified as HCFCD Unit T501-01-00, the Mason Creek basin was one of several major stormwater detention basin construction projects launched by the Flood Control District in 2014.