Projects & Studies

As of 12/14/2018

Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Improvements

A120-00-00 Sagerock Drive to Astoria Boulevard

  • Proposed project will extend approximately 4,200 feet (.8 mile) along Beamer Ditch, from Sagerock Drive to Astoria Boulevard, north of South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin.
  • Included in the Flood Control District’s 2015-2016 Capital Improvements Program, subject to funding.
  • Component of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-led Clear Creek Federal Project; currently under review for implementation by the Flood Control District.

 As of Summer 2018:

  • Design is complete.
  • Initial surveys and geotechnical testing are complete.
  • Corps' plan proposes to concrete-line Beamer Ditch with a 45-foot bottom width, 4:1 side slopes.
  • The Flood Control District is exploring options for a possible locally funded alternative that achieves similar flood damage reduction goals with lower environmental mitigation costs.