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As of 08/05/2019

Recent Action: June 4, 2019 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized a $450,000 agreement with an engineering firm for a detailed flood risk reduction alternatives analysis evaluating the feasibility of using Highlands Reservoir for pass-through detention during higher storm events in the Goose Creek Watershed

Flood Risk Alternative Analysis Near Highlands Reservoir

HCFCD Units O119-00-00, O200-00-00 (and nearby tributaries)

This project will examine flood risk reduction options for the area near Highland Reservoir, including HCFCD tributaries O119-00-00, O200-00-00 and other nearby tributaries. This is a follow-up to an investigation of drainage concerns near Highland Mobile Estates and surrounding areas, just north of the Highlands Reservoir. The project will investigate potentially available detention volumes within the reservoir to aid in resolving flooding concerns in and near Highland Mobile Estates.

This project is one of several under 2018 HCFCD Bond Project F-39, which concerns Investigations of General Drainage Improvements on Spring Gully.

Project Stage

This project is currently in the initial feasibility study stage. This stage of the project will begin investigations for right-of-way acquisition, environmental issues and further project funding allocation. Following this stage, a preliminary engineering stage will result in a Preliminary Engineering Report with a recommended project that can be taken to Harris County Commissioners Court for approval and then advanced to the DESIGN stage.

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The streams to be studied in this stage of the project are located near and around the Highlands Reservoir within the Spring Gully/Goose Creek watershed. The drainage solutions being examined are located within the areas just north and south of Barbers Hill Rd and just south and west of the Highlands Reservoir. 


Bond Project F-39 is a “Local Only” funded project, which means that there is no funding partner identified at this time and the project will be funded entirely from the 2018 Bond Program. The Bond Project List includes a total allocation for all stages and phases of this project of $500,000.

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Not yet scheduled


November 13, 2018 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized negotiations with an engineering firm to conduct this analysis.

August 28, 2018 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized and initiated this project