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Vince Bayou

Drainage Area Watershed Population Open Stream Miles Primary Streams
16 Sq. Miles 89,753 19 Miles Little Vince Bayou
Vince Bayou

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Watershed Overview

The Vince Bayou watershed is located in southeast Harris County. Most of the watershed lies within the Pasadena and South Houston city limits, while the remainder is within the City of Houston. The Vince Bayou watershed covers about 16 square miles and includes two primary streams: Vince Bayou and Little Vince Bayou. Vince Bayou flows from Genoa-Red Bluff Road to the Houston Ship Channel and Little Vince Bayou drains the remaining third of the watershed. There are about 19 miles of open streams within the watershed, including the primary streams and tributary channels. Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, the estimated population of the Vince Bayou watershed is 89,753.

Bridge on Pasadena Boulevard, Post Hurricane Ike, 2008.

Most flooding issues in the watershed have been from local problems before flows reach channels within the District's jurisdiction. The main channel and some tributaries have existing floodplains that will produce out-of-bank flooding conditions under severe storm events. However, since several channel enlargement projects were completed in the 1980's, no out-of-bank flooding along the Vince Bayou or Little Vince Bayou has been recorded, even though significant rainfall events have occurred in the watershed.

Land Use

The Vince Bayou watershed is highly developed, with very few open areas of significant size.


The Vince Bayou watershed hosts a primarily urban environment. The watershed is almost totally developed and the channels are rectified and enlarged. Very little wildlife habitat exists.