Telephone Rd Bridge

Telephone Rd Bridge

Telephone Rd Bridge

Project Description

What is being done to the Telephone Bridge?

The current bridge will be demolished and replaced with a higher, longer, and wider bridge. This will increase the capacity of the channel, allowing for more flood waters to flow throughout Brays Bayou. The new bridge will feature an extended 10ft sidewalk. Construction began in Spring 2021 and is expected to be completed in Summer 2021.

Construction Updates

Telephone Rd Bridge

Construction on the Telephone Rd bridge began in Spring 2020 and is anticipated to be completed Summer 2021. The bridge project cost approximately $9,100,000.


Telephone Rd Bridge TRAFFIC Detours

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Traveling on Telephone Rd from the west side of Brays Bayou, take a left onto US 90 Alternate/S Wayside Dr and veer left to remain on S Wayside Dr. Take a left on Wheeler St and continue to Telephone Rd. Traveling on Telephone Rd from the east side of Brays Bayou, take Wheeler St to S Wayside Dr and take a right. Continue on US 90 Alternate/S Wayside Dr to Telephone Rd.

Telephone Rd Bridge PEDESTRIAN Detours

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More information coming soon.

Telephone Rd Bridge Community Engagement Meetings

Telephone Rd Bridge Reconstruction Project – March 3, 2020

The Harris County Flood Control District hosted a public meeting to provide information on the Telephone Rd Bridge Construction project on March 3rd, 2020.

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