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Project Description

What was done to the Ardmore Bridge?

The Ardmore bridge was replaced with a higher, longer, and wider bridge. The new bridge includes a through lane in each direction, a left turn lane, a U-turn lane, and an expanded 10-foot sidewalk. Sections of North and South MacGregor was also replaced to match the new bridge elevation, and intersections were re-built with new traffic lights. Storm sewer inlets, street striping, and sidewalks were also added.

Construction Updates

Ardmore St Bridge Update

The Ardmore Street bridge was completed in Winter 2020/2021. The bridge project cost approximately $4,000,000.


Ardmore St Bridge TRAFFIC Detours

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Download Ardmore Bridge FAQs

Why is the bridge being replaced?

The Ardmore St Bridge is included in the Brays Bayou Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project, also known as Project Brays, to widen the channel and reduce the risk of flooding. Increasing the capacity of the channel will allow for stormwater to move more quickly out of Harris County and into Galveston Bay. Project Brays is a federal and local partnership with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and is estimated to cost $480 million to complete.

Will this bridge look like others? 

Yes. All bridges reconstructed as part of Project Brays will be in ordinance with the Project Brays theme. The bridge will incorporate two sets of architectural columns supporting the expanded bridge deck with the street name displayed on the side of the bridge.

Does this reduce the risk of flooding?

Yes. The new bridge will be higher, longer, and wider to allow a larger volume of water to flow under more freely.

Does this project increase the risk of flooding?

No. This project was initiated to widen the channel and reduce the risk of flooding.

Does Project Brays eliminate flooding?

No. Although Project Brays will reduce the risk of flooding along Brays Bayou, the risk of flooding will remain. Harris County Flood Control District recommends that everyone in Harris County have flood insurance to ensure against the possibility of personal and financial loss. Visit to see estimated future flood plains and view the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR Map).

Can two-way traffic be added to N. and S. Macgregor West of Ardmore Bridge?

No, not without significant transportation investment. Traffic studies have been completed and reviewed by the City of Houston and TxDOT. The loss of service and safety concerns make the change in traffic patterns prohibitive without upgrades, for which there is no funding. However, the issue of two-way traffic can be re-evaluated by TxDOT and the City of Houston after the bridge is completed.

Can we relocate the bridge?

No, the bridge can’t be relocated because it affects the hydraulics of the water and causes impacts upstream.

Why isn’t Harris County Flood Control District moving the bridge?

Flood Control District’s primary purpose is to reduce the risk of flooding, not to reconstruct streets and traffic patterns. Please speak with the City of Houston or a representative at TxDOT if you have more questions.

What about the HEB and new hospital developments and additional SH 288 direct connector at Holcombe coming?

Traffic studies were completed to include the additional traffic from HEB, the new hospital, and the new SH 288 direct connector. It concluded that replacing the bridge in its current location is preferred.

What is that black plastic pipe on the pedestrian crossing?

It is a temporary force main that carries sewage across the bayou. It will be relocated to the pedestrian crossing (Columbia Traffic Trail) during construction and replaced once construction is complete.

How long will the construction last?

The project is projected to last for one year. However, the bridge will be open to traffic as soon as the construction allows.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Project Brays at 346-286-4820 or [email protected] You can also visit if you have more concerns or questions.

Community Input

Will law enforcement personnel be at the intersection of Scott and South MacGregor to direct traffic during peak hours (morning and evening rush hours)?

The City of Houston has stated Houston Public Works (HPW) will monitor and adjust the timing of the signals at the intersection of Scott St and North/South MacGregor Way during the first days of construction. Once traffic normalizes, they will continue to monitor the intersection and make adjustments, as needed, until the project is complete.

With the removal of land/dirt, there will be an effect on our foundations. Will there be remediation to our property? 

The removal of dirt is within the Flood Control District Right-of-way. Flood Control District does not anticipate any impact on properties in the area. During the 2007- 2009 Flood Control District projects between Scott St and SH 288, twenty times as much dirt was removed and there was zero effect to the surrounding areas.

This is hurricane season, so how will emergencies be handled if this area is hit?

There is a City of Houston approved traffic plan. Police, Fire, and EMS are all aware of the project and have plans to be able to respond in emergencies.

Will temporary two-way traffic lanes be added to N. and S. Macgregor West of Ardmore Bridge during bridge re-construction?

As requested at the June 5 public meeting, Flood Control District and City of Houston (COH) conducted additional traffic analysis studies and reviewed multiple alternatives to try to accommodate both permanent and temporary two-way traffic options on S. MacGregor during the construction period of Ardmore Bridge. This coordination included face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and alternatives analysis with traffic engineers, community stakeholders, property owners, and elected officials. Preliminary layouts were developed and approved by COH and Flood Control District staff and presented to elected officials and affected property owners for approval. Following the extensive, month-long review, Flood Control District did not receive support or approval on the temporary two-way traffic alternative option from the City of Houston or from affected property owners. While Flood Control District conducted the traffic analysis and alternatives review, the City of Houston is ultimately responsible for approving and modifying roadway traffic within their jurisdiction. Flood Control District is proceeding with the plan briefed to the community on June 5, 2019, public meeting (see meeting presentation here). If you have additional questions regarding traffic concerns, please contact COH at by calling 311 or emailing [email protected]

Why not wait to start on Ardmore Bridge recon until the Calhoun Bridge is completed by TxDOT to minimize traffic impacts?

Flood Control District staff coordinated with TxDOT on the construction schedule and traffic detour plan to minimize conflicts between the Calhoun Bridge construction schedule and the Ardmore Bridge schedule.

How will the Ardmore Bridge re-construction affect the construction schedule for the remaining Brays Bayou bridges?

Flood Control District developed a construction schedule for all remaining Brays Bayou bridge projects and submitted the schedule to the traffic engineer to conduct traffic modeling. The model will minimize traffic impacts across the remaining Project Brays bridges left to complete. Results of this traffic model are expected in August 2019 and construction schedules will be adjusted, as needed, based upon the results of the traffic model.

How long will the construction last?

The project is projected to last for one year. However, the bridge will be open to traffic as soon as the construction allows.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Project Brays at 346-286-4820 or [email protected] You can also visit if you have more concerns or questions.

Ardmore St Bridge Community Engagement Meetings

Ardmore St Bridge Reconstruction Project – June 5th, 2019

The Harris County Flood Control District hosted a public meeting to provide information on the Ardmore St Bridge Reconstruction project on June 5th, 2019.

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