Project Brays FAQs

Project Brays FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Brays

What is Project Brays?

The Brays Bayou Flood Damage Reduction Project, today known as Project Brays, is a cooperative effort between the Harris County Flood Control District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designed to reduce the risk of future flooding. Project Brays consists of more than 75 individual projects throughout Brays Bayou.

What areas/communities will Project Brays benefit?

When complete, Project Brays is expected to provide a 1% (100-year) level of flood protection west of the Sam Houston Tollway. In areas east of the Sam Houston Tollway, Project Brays is expected to reduce the number of structures at risk from 16,800 to 1,800.

Why are bridges along the bayou being modified?

Approximately 32 bridges that span the channel must be modified to accommodate channel widening. Whether a bridge is completely replaced or slightly modified depends on the circumstances surrounding the bridge. The timeframe of construction and when or if a bridge is closed can vary.

How did Harris County Flood Control District decide on the order of bridge construction?

After extensive traffic analysis as well as considerations for safety and accessibility, the order of the projects were purposefully selected so that the construction does not negatively impact the Brays Bayou watershed.

What is a stormwater detention basin?

A stormwater detention basin is an area where excess stormwater is temporarily stored until the water level in the adjacent channel recedes, and the stormwater can safely drain. When full, detention basins often resemble lakes. Four stormwater detention basins are being created for Project Brays and collectively will hold nearly 3.5 billion gallons of stormwater.

How can I find out when construction is happening in my neighborhood?

Visit the Segment pages under the Construction tab on the Project Brays website to stay updated on each bridge. The pages are updated regularly and provides project information for all bridges.

How can I stay informed on the progress of Project Brays?

To stay up to date on information regarding the Project Brays project:

  • Join the mailing list
  • Request a presentation from the Project Brays staff
  • Contact us directly at 346-286-4820 or [email protected]
  • Attend public meetings or open houses in your area, listed in your community calendar