West of T.C. Jester Boulevard (K500-23-00-E001)

West of T.C. Jester Boulevard (K500-23-00-E001)


Starting November 2020, the property west of T.C. Jester is under an excavation and removal (E&R) contract. The E&R contractor removes a set amount of soil, which helps expedite the construction of the detention basin and keep costs down. The E&R contract lasts up to three years, and the construction zone will be closed to the public for the duration of the contract for the safety of residents and construction crews.

By allowing a willing E&R contractor to appropriately use material excavated at the site, implementation of an E&R project helps reduce future construction costs, as compared with typical excavation and disposal costs which are increasing across Harris County.

An engineering firm is expected to be hired to design the final basin layout in early 2024, and a construction contract will be awarded to complete excavation to that design, producing a fully functional stormwater detention basin.

The construction of the larger of the three eastside basins and the westside basin will be funded through a combination of a $12 million state earmark from Representative Sam Harless and potential CDBG-MIT funding. That construction is expected to begin in late 2024.

map of K500-23-00-E002