East of T.C. Jester Boulevard (K500-23-00-E002)

East of T.C. Jester Boulevard (K500-23-00-E002)


In September 2021, following a June 2021 Bond Program Community Engagement Meeting, the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for this project was transmitted to Harris County Commissioners Court. The PER includes three alternatives for a stormwater detention basin and a recommendation for the most beneficial project. The recommended project is now in the Design stage.

This project received $9.95 million in federal community directed funding from Congressman Dan Crenshaw for construction on the smaller two basins on the east side of TC Jester. Construction is expected to begin in mid 2024. The construction of the largest of the three basins and the west side basin is expected to be funded by $12 million in state community directed funding from Representative Sam Harless and CDBG-MIT funding.

map of K500-23-00-E002