Longwood Information

Longwood Information

HCFCD Statement, July 27, 2021:

To avoid any delays, the Harris County Flood Control District is moving forward on two separate tracks with plans for flood risk reduction or maintenance projects in the Longwood area.

We are finalizing an update of the Little Cypress Creek Master Drainage Plan, which takes into account the proposed flood risk reduction project at Longwood and will present that plan to Harris County Commissioners Court for approval late 2021 or early 2022. It is important to note that the Master Drainage Plan is an overall strategy for the watershed and does not constitute approval of any individual project. This plan will evolve as additional information becomes available and individual projects either move forward or are revised. Individual projects within the overall Master Drainage Plan are authorized separately by Harris County Commissioners Court at the appropriate time for professional agreements, preliminary engineering, design and construction before moving forward.

Due to the possibility of a lengthy permitting process for a larger project, or external delays beyond our control, the Flood Control District is also moving forward with and reviewing plans for spot maintenance work on the two-mile portion of Little Cypress Creek from Telge Road to Kluge Road. Maintenance may include stabilizing the slopes and banks, as well as repairing erosion near Kluge Road that eventually could impact public infrastructure if additional erosion occurs.

Little Cypress Creek is a natural stream; per federal regulation, it cannot be widened or deepened without a federal permit, which is an expensive and lengthy process. The planned maintenance project will not widen or deepen the creek but will allow the creek to be more resilient in future storms.

The Flood Control District places a priority on such repairs when public infrastructure is at risk. The Flood Control District does not comment on pending litigation.


After the 2016 Tax Day Flood, Triumph Golf approached the Harris County Flood Control District about acquiring portions of the Longwood Golf Club for flood risk mitigation projects. These projects may include improving channel conveyance of Little Cypress Creek as well as constructing new and/or expanding existing stormwater detention basins such as the existing Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin: www.hcfcd.org/F-28.

Currently, there have been no agreements between the Flood Control District and Triumph Golf to acquire any part of the Longwood Golf Club and negotiations are ongoing. However, under a potential agreement, the Flood Control District could purchase nine holes of the Longwood Golf Club to build a stormwater detention basin and improve conveyance in Little Cypress Creek while Triumph Golf reinvests the funds from the sale to make the remaining 18 holes into a high-end golf facility. This proposal would provide additional drainage right-of-way, allowing for new Little Cypress Creek project alternatives that provide increased flood risk reduction benefits to the Longwood area.

Any potential acquisition or proposed project will have a public engagement component via a Community Engagement Meeting to get feedback from residents. If it is determined that residents do not support the golf course proposal, then the Flood Control District will continue with other plans for the Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program and will consider how to integrate Longwood and other areas downstream of Cypress Rosehill Road into that program.

Statement from the Harris County Flood Control District

Distributed October 29, 2020

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FAQs on the Proposed Project

Updated February 3, 2021

This document addresses frequently asked questions the Harris County Flood Control District has received from residents regarding the Longwood Golf Club negotiations. These responses reflect the Flood Control District’s understanding at the time of publication. As conversations move forward, the Flood Control District will continue to update this FAQ and other relevant materials to share the latest information.