Z-02 Drainage Analysis for E116-00-00 Tributaries

Z-02 Drainage Analysis for E116-00-00 Tributaries

Last Modified: 02/19/2021 08:58 PM


Recent Actions

December 15, 2020 - Harris County Commissioners Court authorized negotiations for an engineering consultant agreement for this project.


E116-00-00-P001 is a partnership initiative with the City of Houston that consists of an engineering analysis to evaluate improvements to reduce flooding as it relates to channel E116-00-00 and its tributaries. The study area is in the lower one-third of the White Oak Bayou watershed just outside of the 610 Loop. The engineering analysis will evaluate local drainage deficiencies and the conveyance capacity of channel E116-00-00 and its tributaries in order to identify potential improvements to reduce flood damages in this area. During extreme rainfall events, widespread structural flooding occurs throughout the White Oak Bayou watershed. Nearly 20% of the identified flooded structures in this study were located along the main stem of White Oak Bayou and the remainder were primarily located near the E116-05-00 tributary.

The engineering analysis will evaluate alternatives for new channel construction in the upper part of the watershed where overland sheetflow conditions are presumed to be causing the majority of structural flooding during extreme rainfall events. Voluntary home buyouts will also be considered.

For the lower part of the watershed, the analysis will investigate the alternative of concrete channel lining for existing channels or additional stormwater conduits to improve conveyance. An assessment of the potential for expansion of channel E116-05-00 within its existing right-of-way will also be considered. Local drainage improvements may also be recommended in certain areas. All of these potential improvements may require additional stormwater detention basins to eliminate any adverse impacts caused by the drainage improvements.