Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou


Drainage Area Watershed Population Open Stream Miles Primary Streams
102 Sq. Miles 506,362 - Harris County portion (2020 Census Data) 106 Miles Buffalo Bayou

The Buffalo Bayou watershed is primarily located in west-central Harris County with a small portion crossing into Fort Bend County. Rainfall within the 102 square miles of the Buffalo Bayou watershed drains to the watershed’s primary waterway, Buffalo Bayou (HCFCD Unit W100-00-00). Buffalo Bayou travels through heavily wooded residential areas and much of the bayou remains in a natural state. Near downtown Houston, White Oak Bayou (HCFCD Unit E100-00-00) flows into Buffalo Bayou. 

Just east of downtown Houston near the Turning Basin, Buffalo Bayou becomes the Houston Ship Channel. There are 106 miles of open waterways in the Buffalo Bayou watershed, including Buffalo Bayou and its major tributaries, such as Rummel Creek (HCFCD Unit W156-00-00), Soldiers Creek (HCFCD Unit W141-00-00), Spring Branch (HCFCD Unit W140-00-00), and Turkey Creek (HCFCD Unit W167-00-00). Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, the estimated population of the Harris County portion of the Buffalo Bayou watershed is 444,602.

Projects In Buffalo Bayou Watershed

The Harris County Flood Control District has a significant number of flood damage reduction projects occurring all over Harris County as part of its on-going Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Operations and Maintenance, and the 2018 Bond Program. Click the Project ID on the Map to learn about projects’ details. Some early-stage projects are not highlighted on the map. The map will be updated when projects advance or when more information becomes available.

How Water Flows In The Buffalo Bayou Watershed