C-20 Mid-Reach Greens Bayou Project

C-20 Mid-Reach Greens Bayou Project

Recent Action

November 29, 2022 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized the Flood Control District to submit an application for grant funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in support of Greens Mid-Reach Segment 1 channel conveyance improvements.

August 23, 2022 – The Flood Control District transmitted a preliminary engineering report for this project.

October 27, 2020 - Harris County Commissioners Court authorized the purchase of a tract of land in support of this project.

May 19, 2020 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized an agreement amendment for an additional $1,000,000 for the design of this project.

August 28, 2018 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized and initiated this project C-20.

Project Description

Bond Project C-20 will make channel conveyance improvements along the mid-reach stretch of Greens Bayou. This project intends to reduce water surface elevations within the mid-reach stretch and contain at least 10-year storm event within the channel banks.

Greens Bayou Mid-Reach Program
This project is part of the Greens Mid-Reach Program. As originally envisioned, the Greens Mid-Reach Program is a several-hundred-million-dollar effort focused on the area from Veterans Memorial Drive downstream to JFK Boulevard. The Flood Control District began implementing this vision in the 2000s to bring much-needed flood risk reduction to residents along Greens Bayou.

In total, the original Greens Mid-Reach Program proposes 11 miles of channel conveyance improvements and 10,500 acre-feet of stormwater storage through five stormwater detention basins to mitigate the increased flow of water and prevent any regional impacts. As of July 2022, 8,200 acre-feet of the required stormwater detention has already been completed or is currently under construction, including Bond Project C-33, the Aldine Westfield Stormwater Detention Basin, and Bond Project C-34, the Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin. The Glen Forest Stormwater Detention Basin and the Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin are fully constructed and the fifth Hardy Stormwater Detention Basin is still in early feasibility.

The Greens Bayou Mid-Reach Program is a long-term commitment to improving flood resiliency for area residents, and the Flood Control District is dedicated to that vision. Work funded through the 2018 Bond Program will take a great leap forward in realizing this vision, and more work will continue to be phased in even after the projects included in the 2018 Bond Program are complete.


The mid-reach channel of Greens Bayou starts at the downstream end of JFK Boulevard and runs for approximately 11 miles to Veterans Memorial Drive.


Phase I of this project is COMPLETE. Phase II of this project is in the CONSTRUCTION stage. Construction began in fall 2021 and is expected to be complete in 2023.

Project Bond Listing

Total allocation for all future stages and phases of Bond Project C-33 on the Bond Project List is currently $15.1 million. Phase I was funded through the 2018 Bond Program and the Capital Improvements Program. Phase II was funded through the 2018 Bond Program, the Capital Improvements Program, and the Flood Resilience Trust.

The Flood Control District has been aggressively pursuing multiple grant opportunities for all elements of the Greens Mid-Reach Program, including a grant application to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for Community Development Block Grant for Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funding in October 2020 in the amount of about $60 million. While that specific application was not awarded, as of December 2021, Harris County is continuing to work with the GLO on a potential $750 million commitment of CDBG-MIT funding, and the Greens Mid-Reach Program is currently well positioned to be a recipient of a portion of those funds, should they be approved by GLO and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Public Information Session

A virtual public session to learn more about this project was held on:

Date: Thursday, October 1, 2020
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

You can submit a comment and see the meeting presentation and video by clicking the links below.