F-28 Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin

F-28 Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin

HCFCD Statement, April 19, 2022:

The Harris County Flood Control District is aware of new developments that will allow Triumph Golf and the Flood Control District to renew negotiations to potentially acquire a portion of the Longwood Golf Club to construct a flood risk reduction project. We will continue to share updates as appropriate and as negotiations move forward. We hope to share results of the negotiations over the next several months.

In the meantime, the Flood Control District is still planning to proceed with spot maintenance along Little Cypress Creek in the Longwood neighborhood. Maintenance may include stabilizing the slopes and banks, as well as repairing erosion near Kluge Road that eventually could impact public infrastructure if additional erosion occurs.

Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recently awarded grant dollars to the Flood Control District to fund sediment removal work across the county, including efforts in the Little Cypress Creek watershed. This is a separate effort from the proposed project at Longwood and will begin before any full flood mitigation project in the Longwood area. The project scope for the Little Cypress Creek watershed extends along Little Cypress Creek from Cypress Rosehill Road to the confluence with Cypress Creek. The Flood Control District will communicate a construction timeline for this project when appropriate.


This project will expand the Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin, formally identified as HCFCD Unit L500-02-00, to reduce flooding risks  in the Little Cypress Creek and Cypress Creek watersheds. A phase of this stormwater detention basin was completed in 2015, along with rehabilitation of the Little Cypress Creek tributary formally identified as HCFCD Unit L103-00-00, which crosses the basin site. The basin currently holds more than 325 million gallons, or 1,000 acre-feet, of excess stormwater during periods of heavy rain.

Statement from Harris County Flood Control District

Statement from Harris County Flood Control District Regarding Negotiations Around Longwood Golf Club


The 146-acre basin site is located just north of Little Cypress Creek, between Kluge Road and Longwood Trace Drive, and a few miles upstream of the confluence with Cypress Creek.


Not yet scheduled


Every flood damage reduction project is unique. Yet each project begins and ends, with common and predictable milestones along the way. Whether a project moves forward – and how quickly – depends on many factors, including the availability of funding at each milestone, shifting community priorities for flood damage reduction, and other changing circumstances (such as the price of trees or concrete) from year to year.