Land Use Request

Land Use Request

Land Use Request

What Is A Land Use Request?

The Land Use Request provides a single point of contact for residents, utility companies, municipalities, and governmental agencies to request temporary or permanent use of Flood Control District owned property and rights-of-way that it maintains.

Types Of Land Use Request?

The Flood Control District offers the following to requestors where temporary use may be granted for short term use or access purposes, where permanent use may be granted through an agreement, sale of easements, or abandonment of property rights.

Temporary Right of Entry

is required for those needing to access Flood Control District owned and maintained property.


is required for those residents and public entities looking to maintain or construct recreational features on Flood Control District owned and maintained property. These are the type of agreements offered; Landscape Maintenance, Adopt A Lot, Hike and Bike Trail, Public Recreational, Pedestrian Bridge, Mowing Reimbursement, and Interlocal (Government Agencies).

Easement Sale

is required for utility crossings and roadways where the Flood Control District’s property interest is fee ownership

Easement Abandonment

is acceptable when site or area drainage improvements mitigate for the existing channel system where the Flood Control District has property rights and it is determined the property is no longer needed for flood control purposes.

For more information contact our Citizen Services Center:

  • HOTLINE: 346-286-4197