Hurricane Harvey



Flooding from Hurricane Harvey washed extensive debris into Cypress Creek, as it did into many Harris County bayous and drainage channels, causing blockages that can restrict stormwater flow. Beginning in June 2018, the Harris County Flood Control District is revisiting the creek area between Huffmeister Road and Interstate Highway 45 with both in-house crews and our storm debris contractor.

This work, which will last for at least several weeks, requires the use of airboats, barges and heavy equipment to remove downed trees and other debris from the channel, stockpile it temporarily on the banks, and transport it to an appropriate disposal site.

The Flood Control District will access the bayou via property it owns, such as in the Cypress Cove Street/Ponderosa Forest area, as well as via public right-of-way. In-house crews will focus on the area from Huffmeister downstream to Stuebner Airline Road. The Flood Control District’s contractor, which has the ability to remove large downed trees, will work mostly from Stuebner Airline to IH-45 and at several locations further downstream to Treaschwig Road.

  • Noise and vibrations from airboats and chainsaws, as well as dust and various odors, will accompany debris removal work.
  • While the intent is to transport stockpiled channel debris as quickly as possible, some stockpiled debris could remain in some locations overnight or for several days.
  • Motorists are urged to be cautious of equipment entering and exiting debris removal areas.
  • Multiple access points will be used during the operation and the number of loads hauled from any one point will be limited to the amount of debris found in that area.
  • The contractor will use large, self-loading, open-top haul trucks capable of carrying approximately 80-100 cubic yards.
  • Debris hauling operations are generally limited to Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • The Flood Control District is documenting site conditions before, during, and after use of each access point; the contractor is responsible for clean-up and repair of any damages. Mud or debris found on the streets will be cleaned up immediately.
  • The Flood Control District removed approximately 28,378 cubic yards of debris from the Cypress Creek watershed immediately after Hurricane Harvey, from late 2017 to early 2018. Additional downed trees and debris have accumulated since that time. The Flood Control District’s current contractor will employ additional equipment to better access this material.