Projects & Studies

As of 12/14/2018

Channel Conveyance Restoration at Buffalo Bayou Park

In July 2010, the Flood Control District began construction on a maintenance project to remove sediment from and repair the banks of Buffalo Bayou from Sabine Street to Shepherd Drive. The first reach of the project, referred to as the Buffalo Bayou Pilot Project, spanned the section of the bayou from Sabine to 1,200 feet upstream and was completed in August 2010. The pilot project was met with public support and demonstrated the type of work the Flood Control District planned for the larger Channel Conveyance Restoration at Buffalo Bayou Park project, which began in August 2012. This project spans approximately two miles of the bayou from Shepherd to 1,200 feet upstream of Sabine. Construction activities include removing sediment, restoring and reshaping the bayou’s banks, removing undesirable vegetation, and installing bank stabilization and protection material in key locations. An extensive planting plan will be implemented following construction to plant trees and other native vegetation. The project is expected to be complete in 2014.