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As of 08/16/2019

Tree and Vegetation Survey Along Buffalo Bayou

(UPDATE: Surveyors began work October 12, 2017, and have completed field work.)

The Harris County Flood Control District has initiated a survey to analyze existing vegetation within Flood Control District property along Buffalo Bayou between State Highway 6 and the Sam Houston Tollway, and along Langham Creek south of Interstate Highway 10 to its confluence with Buffalo Bayou.

>Enlarge Map of Survey Area

On September 12, 2017, Harris County Commissioners Court awarded a $300,000 contract to the engineering firm Brooks & Sparks Inc. to perform the vegetation survey. Data gathered in this effort will be used to develop a plan to better manage the existing vegetation and to provide a reference when evaluating potential future flood damage reduction projects.

The survey will locate, measure and categorize the condition of all trees with trunks measuring eight inches or greater. It also will identify and map common and notable understory plants and grasses. This survey will include 177 acres along Buffalo Bayou and Langham Creek, to complete and update the results from a 2014 vegetation survey that included approximately 77 acres on the south side of Buffalo Bayou from North Eldridge Parkway to Wilcrest Drive. This survey also will map the location of existing trails and fences for reference purposes.

The Harris County Flood Control District owns approximately 660 acres along Buffalo Bayou in the project area, acquired in the 1960s from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The property was obtained specifically for flood damage reduction purposes; however, Harris County Precinct 3 has constructed, operates and maintains Terry Hershey Park in a manner that is compatible with this purpose.

The tree survey began in October 2017, and is expected to be complete in approximately six months.