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As of 04/18/2019

F-28 Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin 

Project Description

This project will expand the Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin, formally identified as HCFCD Unit L500-02-00, to reduce flooding risks in the Little Cypress Creek and Cypress Creek watersheds. A phase of this stormwater detention basin was completed in 2015, along with rehabilitation of the Little Cypress Creek tributary formally identified as HCFCD Unit L103-00-00, which crosses the basin site. The basin currently holds more than 325 million gallons, or 1,000 acre-feet, of excess stormwater during periods of heavy rain.


The 146-acre basin site is located just north of Little Cypress Creek, between Kluge Road and Longwood Trace Drive, and a few miles upstream of the confluence with Cypress Creek.

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