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As of 12/19/2018

Inwood Forest Stormwater Detention Project

The Inwood Forest Golf Course, a 226-acre property near Antoine Drive and West Little York, was purchased by the City of Houston in 2011 for approximately $9 million. A land use agreement stipulates that the property may only be used as parkland, for recreational purposes and for stormwater detention purposes. The property is located in the White Oak Bayou and Vogel Creek watersheds.

At the City of Houston’s request, the Harris County Flood Control District is developing a plan to design and build stormwater detention basins on the former golf course property to provide flood damage reduction benefits during heavy storms and to mitigate impacts of future public drainage projects as appropriate. The City of Houston is responsible for the planning, design and construction of any recreational features associated with the detention basins.

The proposed stormwater detention basin project encompasses property located both east of Antoine and west of Antoine, with a total of 12 interconnected stormwater detention basins.

The basins will vary in stormwater storage capacity, which is measured in acre-feet. The goal for the stormwater storage capacity for all of the basins combined is approximately 1,200 acre-feet, for shared use by the Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston. One acre-foot is equal to one acre times a one-foot depth, or 43,560 cubic feet (325,850 gallons).

White Oak Conference Center, formerly the golf course clubhouse, includes a community center and is managed by the Near Northwest Management District. The conference center will remain on the site.

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Project Areas

The project includes a total of twelve basins of varying size. The basins are individually labeled with letters A-L. The City of Houston has completed Basin K and partially completed the construction of Basin L.  Phase One of the Flood Control District’s project will include the construction of Basin E and a portion of Basins C and D. Remaining basins will be constructed in phases, as funding is secured.

Phase One

If you would like to learn more about the Inwood Forest Stormwater Detention project, please view our Powerpoint presentations for project facts, maps, images and specific details on Phase 1 planning:

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The City of Houston is currently working with the Flood Control District to finalize the design and begin construction of Phase One, which includes Basin E as well as portions of Basins C and D. The project expects to create an estimated 300 acre-feet of new storage with this phase. Construction is anticipated to begin in October.

Recreational Opportunities

As owner of the property, all recreational opportunities will be determined by the city. The City of Houston is working on a landscape masterplan that will identify opportunities for recreational amenities. This plan will be available in the coming months. Funding would need to be secured to construct any recreational amenities at the site.

The largest basin, Basin C, is being considered by the City of Houston as a location for First Tee, a youth golfing program, which will likely occupy a portion of land within Basin C. The White Oak Conference Center is also located next to Basin C.

With the addition of recreational amenities, capacity within the basins to hold stormwater typically decreases.

Tree Preservation

In early 2017, a tree inventory was conducted on the Inwood Forest Golf Course property. Trees greater than four inches in diameter were tagged and documented according to size, species and general health. Suggestions for possible tree preservation zones were indicated as part of the inventory.

Residents may notice tags on trees. These tags indicate that the tree has been inventoried for planning purposes.

Following Hurricane Harvey in summer 2017, the project focus shifted to increasing stormwater detention volume to offset street flooding. To allow for maximum basin volume, many of the trees in Phase One will be removed. Where possible, a bank or banks of trees will remain.

Upon completion of Phase One, new trees will be planted.