Construction Advisory: Willow Creek Tributary M124-00-00 Channel Conveyance Improvements, Phase 1

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Willow Creek watershed, we want to notify you of an upcoming project in your area.

Starting January 4, 2021, the Harris County Flood Control District will begin construction on a partnership project to improve stormwater conveyance and construct stormwater detention on a Willow Creek tributary formally identified as HCFCD Unit M124-00-00 in the Tomball area of north Harris County. Phase 1 of this multi-phase project extends from State Highway 249 to the intersection of F.M. 2920 and Calvert Road. The Texas Department of Transportation is also helping finance the multi-phase project, which will provide mitigation for future improvements to F.M. 2920.

This first phase consists of excavation of a new channel section of M124-00-00 from State Highway 249 to north of F.M. 2920, along with an intermediate stormwater detention basin. As funding is available, future phases of the M124-00-00 project will continue the channel conveyance improvements and construct several stormwater detention basins from F.M. 2920 to the confluence with Willow Creek, M100-00-00, as well as deepen the section being constructed in Phase 1. 

The overall goal of the M124-00-00 project is to enable the channel to contain the 1 percent (100-year) storm event within the channel banks based on existing watershed conditions.Access to the work area will be via public rights-of-way in the project area. The contractor will use heavy construction equipment such as dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers. Motorists are urged to be alert to truck traffic when passing near construction access points and along truck routes. The Flood Control District appreciates your patience and understanding through the duration of this project.

Contractor – R. Miranda Trucking & Construction LLC

Contract Amount – $3,548,377

Construction Start – January 2021

Construction Contract Duration – 306 calendar days 

To ask a question or to comment on project activities, please visit our website, The M124-00-00 project webpage includes information about related eagle protection activities.