Heavy rainfall continues across southern and southwest Harris County into portions of northeast Fort Bend County

HOUSTON, TEXAS – September 22, 2020 – With Tropical Storm Beta making landfall, heavy rainfall of 6-10 inches has continued across southern and southwest Harris County into portions of northeast Fort Bend County. The rainfall has resulted in rises in area creeks and bayous. Significant street flooding is occurring in southern and southwest Harris County and travel should be avoided in the flash flood warning area. Low lying roadways near the coast are experiencing flooding this morning from high tides in the Clear Lake, Shoreacres and Rio Villa areas. Rainfall amounts of 5-10 inches is possible today which could lead to additional roadway flooding and rises in creeks and bayous. The Harris County Flood Control District is actively monitoring Tropical Storm Beta and its impacts to our area. The slow-moving tropical storm made landfall along Matagorda Island on Monday night. 

The following is a list of area bayou conditions:

Out of Banks

  • Clear Creek 
  • Taylors Bayou 
  • Lower South Mayde Creek 

Near Bankfull

  • Marys Creek 
  • Turkey Creek
  • Clear Lake
  • Brays Bayou 
  • Keegans Bayou 
  • Buffalo Bayou 

With heavy rainfall comes the threat of flooding, so it is important for Harris County residents to be aware of conditions if they leave their homes. Several high-water locations are currently being reported. Please check the Houston Transtar website for locations. 

The Flood Control District urges all residents to monitor rainfall and bayou water levels on the Harris County Flood Warning System website. The District’s Flood Operations team regularly monitors the data and works during severe weather events to advise the public and local officials of areas that are and could be affected by flooding. The District also encourages residents to create an account and sign up for rainfall and water level alerts at fwsalerts.org. FWS Alerts allow residents to customize the sensors they receive alerts from and choose to receive them via text, email, or both.

REMINDER: Do not drive or walk into high-water areas. Residents should remain in place and only travel if absolutely necessary. If faced with flooding, STAY PUT wherever you are, unless your life is threatened or you are ordered to evacuate.