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As of 04/08/2019

C-03 Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project

The Clear Creek Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project is a partnership project between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps), the Harris County Flood Control District (the Flood Control District), Galveston County and Brazoria Drainage District #4. The Corps is the lead agency for this project.

As the lead agency, the Corps will manage, design and build the project. Local sponsors will buy land, easements and rights-of-way; relocate utilities; adjust bridges (except for railroads); and operate and maintain the project after construction is complete. In 2013, the Corps completed a General Reevaluation Report (GRR), which presents an alternative to the Clear Creek Federal Project that was being implemented by the Corps, Flood Control District and Galveston County based on a 1986 agreement. The revised project includes:

  • 2nd Outlet Channel and Gates from Clear Creek to Galveston Bay (already complete)
  • 20.4 miles of channel improvements along Clear Creek, Mud Gully, Turkey Creek and Mary’s Creek.
  • 500 acre-feet of in-line stormwater detention along Clear Creek.
  • 900 acre-feet detention basin along Mary’s Creek
  • Environmental enhancements.

Project cost and funding

Current total cost for the Clear Creek project is estimated at $249 million, including $193 million in new proposed improvements based on the GRR. The estimated cost share is $151 (61%) million federal and $98 million local (31%).

Resumption of project implementation is subject to funding from the federal government.

Brief History of the Project

The original 1986 Clear Creek Federal project called for over 14 miles of channel conveyance improvements from Clear Lake to the Brazoria County line near Dixie Farm Rd. Eleven bridge replacements or modifications were planned, and eight have been completed.

A mile-long Second Outlet Channel from Clear Lake to Galveston Bay was also part of the plan, and its construction was completed in 1997 and was turned over to the Flood Control District to operate and maintain in 1998. The Second Outlet includes a large gated control structure that is opened during certain flooding conditions to allow flood waters to drain from Clear Lake to Galveston Bay, which in turn allows Clear Creek to drain sooner. During non-flooding conditions or "normal" conditions, the gates are closed to maintain a pre-project salinity level and environmental conditions in Clear Lake.

In June 1999, in response to community opposition, the Corps initiated a General Reevaluation Study to evaluate various alternatives. Brazoria Drainage District #4 joined the Flood Control District and Galveston County as local sponsors for the Corps reevaluation study. Up-to-date data and computer models were used, and public involvement continued through the reevaluation process.

Recent Action

October 9, 2018 -- Harris County Commissioners Court authorized the County Judge to execute an agreement with a consultant for surveying services in support of this project