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As of 04/08/2019

Dry Gully Erosion Repairs, Louetta Road to Northbridge Drive


Dry Gully is a tributary of Cypress Creek that passes through the Memorial Northwest and Champion Forest area of northern Harris County. Surveys have identified severe channel erosion along the 2,000-foot-long segment of the channel from Louetta Road upstream to Northbridge Drive. The project will repair the channel slopes, armor the bottom of the channel with buried riprap to prevent future erosion, and replace damaged outfall pipes.

On November 15, 2016, Harris County Commissioners Court approved a $513,404 contract with Crystalline Development LLC for project design services in connection with this project. Construction is expected to begin in early 2017.

One goal of the project is to restore the Flood Control District's proper maintenance access along this drainage channel, which is formally identified as HCFCD Unit K133-00-00, by removing fences, decks and other obstructions within our right of way limits. Adequate maintenance access along the top of both channel banks allows construction trucks, backhoes and other equipment to reach and work within the channel easement. It also allows for routine maintenance activities after the project is complete.

Flood Control District right of way exists along the channel as an easement dedicated by the original plat of the Memorial Northwest subdivision. It states that the right of way shall be kept clear of fences, decks, buildings, vegetation and other obstructions to the operation and maintenance of the drainage facility.

The Flood Control District is working with residents to accomplish this goal. Efforts are being made to protect and save select trees growing in Flood Control District right of way.