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As of 04/08/2019

F-23 Cypress Creek Tributary K163-00-00

Conveyance Improvements 

A project is in design to improve stormwater conveyance in the K163-00-00 channel, a tributary of Cypress Creek in northwest Harris County. This channel runs north from Cypress North Houston Road, just east of Timberlake Drive, flowing into Cypress Creek just west of its confluence with Little Cypress Creek. The channel is bordered by the Ravensway, Saracen Park and Timberlake Estates neighborhoods on the west, and by the Cypress Creek Estates neighborhood on the east.

The project will repair streambank erosion along K163-00-00 and address repetitive flooding in the area, particularly within the Timberlake Estates subdivision. Structural flooding of homes was documented in April 2016, July 2012 and April 2009. Saracen Park also experienced structural flooding in July 2012, October 1994, October 1998 and November 1998.

Surveys and geotechnical field investigations were conducted in early 2016. As part of the survey effort, crews gathered information about existing utilities, fences, topography, vegetation, encroachments and other factors important to project design. A survey of existing trees also identified high-quality native species for preservation – where and as appropriate – during the project. Field investigations included soil borings on Flood Control District right of way for geotechnical samples. These investigations verify existing soil types, ensuring proper design of the upcoming project.

Construction funding is included in the 2018 Bond Program. Bond Project F-23, which involves the construction of K163-00-00 channel improvements, is a “Local Only” bond project. This means there is no other funding partner at this time and total project costs would be paid with bond funding. Total allocation for this project is currently $3 million on the Bond Project List.