Projects & Studies

As of 04/08/2019

Katy Prairie Wetlands Construction and Site Improvements

Projects at this site created and restored wetland habitat on the Katy Prairie near the intersection of Katy-Hockley and House Hahl roads. This site provides required mitigation for other flood damage reduction projects that will impact native wetlands, specifically Greenhouse Stormwater Detention Basin on Langham Creek (U500-02-00), at Greenhouse and Longenbaugh roads; John Paul’s Landing Stormwater Detention Basin on a Bear Creek tributary, near the intersection of Katy-Hockley Cutoff and Sharp roads; and stormwater conveyance improvements to Upper Langham Creek as part of the Upper Langham Creek Frontier Program. Wetlands projects, which included planting bog rush, swamp smartweed, duck potato, powdered thalia and maidencane, were completed in 2014 and 2016.