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Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program

The Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program is one component of the Harris County Flood Control District’s overall Frontier Program, which is an organized effort to plan for regional drainage infrastructure in advance of future land development.

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The Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program focuses on the 52-square-mile Little Cypress Creek watershed in northwest Harris County. This area, which is experiencing rapid development with construction of the Grand Parkway, lacks sufficient natural drainage to accommodate expected growth. By collaborating with land owners and developers, the program is working to identify a large-scale, mutually beneficial plan for drainage that cost-effectively maximizes stormwater mitigation and water quality, as well as opportunities for public recreational amenities and open space.

Major Components

Major components of the Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program plan include:

> Kluge Stormwater Detention Basin L500-02-00 (completed) 
> Zube Stormwater Detention Basin L500-01-00
> Little Cypress Creek Tributary L112-01-00
> Kleb Woods Stormwater Detention Basin L512-01-00 
> Bauer-Hockley Stormwater Detention Basin L514-01-00
> Schiel Stormwater Detention Basin L500-09-00

Property acquisition is underway for several components of the Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program Master Plan, including stormwater detention basins and future channel projects to increase stormwater storage and carrying capacity within the Little Cypress Creek watershed.

Innovative Approach

This innovative approach is in contrast to typical efforts in which individual land owners and developers install drainage infrastructure that serves their site alone, resulting in smaller, isolated stormwater detention basins and minimum-width channels for stormwater management. By taking a regional approach, the Frontier Program protects existing developments and provides proper drainage access for newly developing properties.

Developers participate in the Frontier Program by paying a $4,000-per-acre fee to develop in the watershed service area. Developers also participate by excavating a portion of regional drainage facilities and by dedicating property for right-of-way. The Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program will use impact fees primarily to acquire right-of-way along the channel and for stormwater detention basins.

The program calls for stricter stormwater detention requirements to mitigate runoff from new developments and will result in at least seven regional detention basins with a combined minimum storage of 14,000 acre-feet.

Community Engagement Meeting was held on:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
(Presentation to begin at 6:15 p.m. with an open house to follow)
Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center 8440 Greenhouse Road, Cypress, Texas 77433